Should I apologize if I did nothing wrong

Apologizing has been overused to the point that a real apology has lost all meaning.

Please stop apologizing for:

  1. Setting boundaries.
  2. Learning, training, asking questions or trying to educate yourself.
  3. Other people’s mistakes.
  4. Others’ inability to plan.
  5. Things outside of your control.
  6. Doing your job or performing work tasks.
  7. Existing.

A lot of times, “thank you” works better than “I’m sorry.” If it makes sense, try to keep the tonality of the exchange positive. Example: “Sorry I’m late.”  and add  “Thank you for waiting for me.

Apologizing doesn’t mean you’re admitting it’s your fault. It’s about feeling sorry for the fact that the other person might be feeling bad in that situation.

If your train was delayed. It wasn’t your fault but still, apologize because your friend might have had to wait for you longer than expected. It doesn’t feel nice and you want to acknowledge their person’s feelings.

It’s bad when someone apologizes but they don’t give a shit and it’s just a reflex to them. When they’re at fault and will keep doing the same thing they apologized for as if it never happened.

BE THANKFUL! Gratitude goes a long way and is so much more appreciated than going around apologizing for every little mistake. Of course, there is a balance but would you rather hear someone owning up to something and saying thank you in a good way or said person saying sorry/apologize on and on again without improvement?

Save your “I’m sorry” for when you really do mess up. Your mental health will thank you.

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