Tonight marks the release of P!NK’s highly anticipated new song ‘Trustfall’

Gather around P!NK fans, we have some exciting news, P!NK just released her new song “Trustfall” tonight

The 43-year-old pop star is droped her brand new song Trustfall along with the music video. The only catch is for Kiwi fans – it won’t arrive until 3am.

Taking to Instagram P!NK unveiled a short teaser for the song, titled Trustfall, along with another video of the mum-of-two falling into the ocean

Who do you trust? What do you fall for?” P!NK posted.

Additionally, P!NK shared photos from the music video shoot, showcasing the daring stunts performed.

P!NK’s new song “Trustfall” is the title track of her upcoming album with the same name, releasing on Feb 11th