The risks of mixing friendship and romance

Why you should not be friends with someone that you want something more with

A genuine friendship, where you can be 100% honest with someone is a million times better than a friendship built on the hope that they’ll one day see you as something more.

It sounds harsh, but building a friendship with someone you’re attracted to emotionally and physically can be disingenuous. The other party thinks of you just as a friend, meanwhile you’re holding out that “someday” this is gonna blossom into something more.

The more mental energy you spend on daydreaming about this person, the more you may develop a toxic attitude towards them when they don’t reciprocate. You may start to get jealous about them spending time with others and coming up with crazy scenarios in your head.

It’s okay to be attracted to people, everyone is. What’s not cool, is being attracted to someone, and lying to them by acting like you aren’t.

Just be honest with yourself and the other person. If you like them in that way, shoot your shot, if it misses carry on with your life.

Of course, you don’t have to absolutely cut them out of your life or something drastic like that, but you shouldn’t be hitting them up every day and chatting like your best friends if you’re really after something else.

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